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How would you feel about walking into a secret place
where you could just drop your shoulders
and let all the stress and cares fall off them.
A place where you could,
at last,
have hope in the future
and begin to dream and plan again
and be restored to wholeness.
A place where you could feel safe
and anything you share in confidence
would be honoured.
A place where you could feel and know the love of God for you
as He embraces you in His arms
and reignites the purpose
for which you were created.
We have had the moves of Evangelism, Pastoring, Teaching ,Prophecy and Apostleship
but God is bringing a new move to bring His people into sonship.
Kedesh in Joshua 20 was a city of refuge
where people in trouble could run to and be safe.
Kedesh also means “Holy”
and our primary purpose in this place
is to host the Presence and Anointing of God
so all who come can be healed
and walk again in wholeness and sonship.